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Why Use BYV?

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BYV is your local wool buyer/broker, specialising in everything to do with buying or selling your wool and pride ourselves on achieving the highest payout for our customer. With no clip too big or too small, BYV has the facilities to handle and market your product. All services from receival to payment of your wool are carried out onsite by our highly trained staff, so you know you are in safe hands. It is our aim to provide top level service at the lowest possible price , whilst giving you the grower all the right choices, the way it should be!


Barwon and Yarra Valley Woolbrokers are clear and easy to understand with no hidden fees or charges! We charge you a flat rate commission and ensure we get you the best price on your wool!


Unlike many larger brokers, Barwon and Yarra Valley Wool Brokers (BYV) is proudly locally owned and operated. Meaning all the profits and proceeds stay in the region!


Personalized service to suit you, complete with professional and individual advice on all wool related matters.



BYV have been operating for over 25 years and developed a trusted name in the wool brokering industry! Offering a complete choice of selling options (tender, auction, electronic online) with guaranteed exposure to the all of the competition of the international trade.


BYV have been operating for 25+ years and a financially secure company! From the delivery of your wool, BYV will have your payment ready in a maximum of 2 weeks.


BYV Wool performs testing of wool on-site to be able to give you fast and accurate analysis of your wool!



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